Our work consists of 8 subareas:

Site selection
Because of our close work with the big international hotel chains, we know the requirement needed for succesfull locations. Sites are selected specially for every carrier. According to accurate market analyses each location is examinated and the potential for development sounded. The estates are saved by options.
Along with our hotel architects a plan is made, which exactly matches the standards and requirements of our clients. It's our aim to give our clients everything they need to carry out his hotel, but without creating an excess, by an exorbitant architecture, which would make the project more expensive without an economic advantage.
Existing plans, which do not contain the optimal efficiency, are analyzed and reworked by us. Objective of our work will always be: The resume assumption of an investor must be reached.
The renovation of the objects can occur after thorough consideration of the needs and after examination of the topical safety standards in the running company. Also the planning, agency and control of the renovation of heating, sanitation and airing belongs to the duties of our company.
By exact tenders for all construction works and turnkey contracts we are able to provide a fixed list of costs for a project.
Hotel interior
Since March, 2013 our company, by the foundation of own shopping society, to the principal can hand over the project ready for occupancy. The BFPEQUIPMENTS disposes of high-class contacts with the industry and with wholesalers and can show on account of thedecrease amounts the negotiated purchase prices advantageously in the project budget.
Legal Advice
During a project, we offer full legal advice concerning lease agreements as well as rental, franchise and purchase contracts.
Within the project our finance specialist supports you with the mediation of hotel-competent finance specialists and assists with audits and the optimization of the profitability calculation.